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With its 24 000 islands, the Stockholm archipelago is a unique place all year round and  offers a world of possibilities to tourists and Stockholmers alike. Many of the islands can be reached by ferry from central Stockholm and the beauty  is just unparalleled.  The wealth  of wildlife and activities makes this the perfect place for a family holiday or a relaxing getaway.


On some islands, you'll find picturesque hotels,  hostels, restaurants and small grocery stores, while other islands have only natural harbours or are entirely untouched.  On the larger islands, there are  plenty of fantastic bars and restaurants  serving  delicious Swedish delicacies for lunch and dinner.   Gällnö is definitely one of the most genuine islands and has a lot to offer. 


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Gällnö Cabins

Gällnö Cabins offer luxurious accommodation,  perfect  amenities and easy access to the whole archipelago. We have a total of 3 cabins and each cabin will accommodate 8 people. They are all renovated to very high standards and fully equipped with all you could possibly need. Each terrace has a complete barbeque area and down by the beach, there is an excellent sauna with panoramic sea views. Perfect for summer holidays!


During winter, this is also a private, romantic, snow covered paradise. You will be completely secluded so if you are looking for a place to relax and reconnect this is the place for you. Take long walks, read books in front of the fireplace, experience total silence and darkness, see the wild dear and fox through your window, enjoy the sauna and dips in holes through the ice. Take a magic boat tour with a guide and explore the wildlife further out in the archipelago.




Email: info@gallnocabins.se   Tel: +46 (0)73 899 32 82

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